Introducing the Qt user interface

I’ve started working on a Qt interface to the library! Here’s a small preview:

It’s still missing a lot, but I managed to implement the core functionalities that I needed for implementing syntax highlighting and contextual menus. It is already using a simple cache in order to speed up render time when navigating the document.

Speaking of navigation, you may have noticed there is no scrollbar. This is not a mistake, as I think that they are just not cut out for the job; here is just no easy way to map the whole linear address space to the height of a scrollbar, even on a big display. What I am going to replace it with is mouse-based swiping. It may not be the best solution, but I’m positive it will be at least more useable.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Alessandro Gario

Sleepyhead, C++ coder, videogames-addicted, part-time dreamer.